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How to Get Away with Murder

Author: Aeiknor Kaur Virk

Student of ASET, Amity University Madhya Pradesh

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Turns out, it doesn't take a genius to do so, provided you kill a non-human animal and have a pocketful of change. Don't believe me? Ask Ponnamma from Bengaluru, the lady responsible for murdering 8 puppies with rocks, and then escaping scot-free by paying Rs.50 as fine. So hey, if you do have some money to spend, a disposition towards violence and inhuman tendencies, here's your chance. Just try and not make a video to boast about your feat, because sometimes people on social media can cause an uproar and you'll be slightly discomforted by the police. But what can they really do, if the very law that prevents it isn't more than a formality? 


"Page 8 of the NUJS Law review states the penalty for the above-mentioned crimes: Subjection of an animal to any of the acts, specified under 11(1) (a) to (o) of the Act, makes the offender (in the case of a first offence) liable to pay a fine that may extend to only fifty rupees. In the case of a second offence or a subsequent offence committed within three years of the previous offence, the offender shall be made to pay a fine of not less than twenty-five rupees, the quantum of which may also extend to one hundred rupees or the offender may be imprisoned for a term which may extend to three months or both."



When Anthony D.Williams said, "When humans act with cruelty, we categorise them as animals, yet the only animal that displays cruelty is humanity", he didn't know that humanity would reach a stage of monstrosity where feats of murder and cruelty on the mute would be recorded with pride and posted all over social media handles and praised. 


The bottom line is, the law preventing animal cruelty needs to be updated immediately so that it can have some impact on a generation prepared to do literally anything to get 5 minutes of fame. The last time it was updated was never. It has been stagnant since 1960, and anything, no matter how amazing (which it isn't), cannot work as a law, if it becomes static. These aren't my words, but our first prime minister's. 


A new trend has started now, one you've probably heard of a lot, and even supported. The YouTube vs TikTok "war" that just fell short of making headlines. A huge number of extremely problematic videos were brought to light with that issue, and while I don't agree that it was anyone specific social media platform that made the youth go rogue, it cannot be argued that a huge problem has not been uncovered. If anything, worthwhile came out of that particular social media warfare, it was to show us the ugly side of people running after followers. And maiming, raping, butchering animals because of that. It also showed us how very ineffective our present laws are against such acts of extreme inhumane nature and how we're living with monsters, maybe even looking at them in the mirror every day. But why would we care? When almost everything we use, for beauty or health, has roots in animal testing, and our favourite foods are various varieties of non-veg, what does it matter if some people are killing and maiming animals for no reasons at all?


Because believe it or not, hurting animals ultimately hurts us too. There have been numerous studies, which have proven time and time again, that any person who deliberately hurts any animal, and derives pleasure from it, is never going to stop there. He/She/They will move onto committing bigger crimes, i.e. against other humans. A.k.a us. It's time to care.


Most serial killers and rapists who were convicted had a history of torturing animals like cats, dogs, birds etc. Jeffrey Dahmer, who butchered 17 people used to practice on dogs and cats. Moors murder, Ian Brady was only ten when he boasted of killing a cat and torturing various other animals. He went on to torture to death 5 children. Ted Bundy was known to kill animals, as were many other convicted murderers. In fact, this trait is not the property of serial killers alone, but many criminals, be it one-time murderers or those convicted for other violent behaviours. One thing is clear, animal abuse is only the start. 


Domestic violence is also said to have one of its roots in animal abuse. A majority of women who have suffered violence and abuse have reported their partners as being violent towards their pets or strays. 


How can stopping animal abuse affect other issues? Reporting, investigating and prosecuting animal cruelty can help remove dangerous criminals from the streets. Police know that in homes where animal abuse is a problem, other problems often arise. Animal abuse has been linked to a variety of other crimes, including personal violence, property crime, and drug or alcohol abuse. Preventing it can help to curb the tendency to resort to violence before it even involves violence.


And there's one more reason to stop this rampant abuse, and take action, no matter how small. It's because we owe it to the animals. I've gone on and on about the monstrosity in us humans, but I do believe that some, if not many, people are not completely inhuman. Some of us have pets we love to death; some are just genuinely good humans who don't derive any pleasure from watching massacre. To them I say, take action. Any action. Write to the government, file petitions, spread awareness, stop someone from hurting an animal if you happen to witness it, stop throwing garbage on the roads for animals to choke on it, keep a cup of water on the balcony, give your spare food to strays outside your home, and do basically anything in your capacity to help. It doesn't have to be huge, but a step. It has to be proof that our conscience is not dead. Yet. 


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