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Stories and ideas of a young mind

Author: Shivani Sharma

Student Of Information Science Engineering, BMS Institute of Technology & Management, Bengaluru

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India is home to 34.33% of youths of the total population. Youth is the joyous, vigorous part of anyone’s life. Where an individual cultivates a new definition of his/her life by exploring different perspectives of the world. Lev Grossman, American novelist once said “Young minds - young brains - need stories and ideas like the ones in those [censored and banned] books in order to grow. They need ideas that you disagree with. They need ideas that I disagree with. Or they'll never be able to figure out what ideas they believe in.” And these days, stories and ideas are not found only from books. The Internet has given handy, feasible resources to every individual be it a youngster or not. Where these young minds get deceptive by the n-number of stories and ideas.


Here comes the pornography in the disguise of a harmless material, which is actually devastating for not just their mental health but for their overall health and social wellbeing too. The most common age for an individual to get exposed to porn is 11 years old. No matter, if your first exposure to pornography was accidental or intentional your brain chemicals will somehow resist for a while but after that, the gateway to pornography is always mere a click away. It becomes your habit eventually. Don’t worry it’s not you, it’s because you are in dopamine arrest. 


Valerie Voon, Cambridge Neuropsychiatrist in her research demonstrated that the brain of a porn addict is similar to an alcoholic. Porn doesn’t just control your brain instead it literally hijacks your brain to do it over, i.e. over the limit. And by “IT” I mean masturbation, the imagination of strong hardcore sex. Well, neither masturbation nor imagination can be considered harmful but the fact that it happens under an influence of the falsehood is damaging. Because any kind of pornography you watch is just a script been mugged up and performed just like any drama, movie or any online series you may watch.


Because of the fact that the pornographic content is easily available it is within the exposure of every child, teenager and an adult. Several studies conducted in the past have pointed out the aggressive and violent behaviour that can be imbibed from pornographic films. Watching porn makes you mentally disabled as every time you watch porn your brain remembers the point of the video where you were sexually high and each time when you desire sexual stimulation or experience a craving of dopamine in the brain, your brain asks you to go back to the porn. And eventually, your brain fatigues after the surge of dopamine in your brain and starts demanding more of porn. If you reach satisfaction after watching any numbers of porn, then it is a momentary satisfaction. As, if you attained satisfaction after ten videos then imagine how many would you require after each time your brain fatigues. The urge won’t reduce it will increase for sure. And there will be a point when watching porn won’t give you any satisfaction and you will end up getting stressed out. Hence, being mentally disabled. 


Other things that really happen to you without your consent are that you face problems in bonding with people and start having high expectations with sex with your partner or anyone. As a result of that if you don’t get what you want you start forcing yourself on them. And if you are married then this will be termed as marital rape and if not then just rape. As I said you won’t actually get to know that such a thing is happening with you as long as you take a big break from dopamine arrest.  And in some cases, this break could be years of counselling.


The reason why most of the teenagers get mislead is the fact that they never got a proper sex education from not just the teachers but also from their parents, or a genuine “THE TALK” as we like to call it. Even most of the readers of this article won’t have ever got the talk. Why? Because sex is seen, rather believed to be a topic which one discovers after his/her marriage. But the reality of the world is harsh and fast, then what we believe it to be. And because of this lack of conscious check by parents or teachers on sex education, motivates teenagers, the budding adults to know more than what they got to know from the textbooks or a little from their teachers. Some develop their limits on how to handle themselves in the situation of sexual demand. While some fall as bait to the urge of something more and more. And whether you believe it or not but such content and urge, do lead a youngster to rape someone. Where the age of the rape victim doesn’t matter to the rapist. Because the urge of sex induced in him forces him to get over it by anyone. So, a minor under the pressure of his “desire” might rape an old lady. And an old man can rape a minor girl. If not? Then why on 16th December 2012, Mohammed Afroz, the juvenile in Delhi Nirbhaya Case joined the other adults in the gang rape? 


Well, it is not just pornographic content that deteriorates the process of growing and developing of a youngster. Other so-called heroic and criminal minded content with disclaimers, available online do create a ravenous effect on a young mind. Where the content is shown overpowers the disclaimer and does create a great impact on an individual’s mentality. If not? Then how did Touseef get the idea to shoot dead 21-year-old Nikita Tomar in Faridabad? And if the reason wasn’t his age or his mentality, then imagine other youth getting influenced from where Touseef got influenced and gained the courage to commence such a bone-chilling crime.


So, it does matter what content one watches from his/her teenage years. It does matter if you know the disclaimer. It does matter if you are getting forced or if you are forcing. It does matter if you haven’t got THE TALK. Because, the stories and ideas that you encounter from your teenage become an inseparable part of your future, of your life. Create challenges and problems that another person can never understand until and unless he/she has gone through the same.



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