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Law as a career option

Author: Falguni Agrawal

Student of Bhartiya Vidyapeeth Deemed to be University, New Law College, Pune

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Career option in the present time is just limited to being an engineer or doctor. There was no other career option as of yesterday. Families always tend to make their kids undergo these opportunities. So, the only option for a person to opt for, in life is just being an engineer or doctor. Being a doctor and engineer was everything for parents in the past. But, the times have changed, now more options for career growth have opened. 

Prior to independence, there were only two options for jobs or careers that are just a doctorate or an engineering field. But, in today’s time, there are several career options be it fashion, art, CAs, CS, law and many more. In the words of Thomas Jefferson, 

"The study of the law is useful in a variety of points of view. It qualifies a man to be useful to himself, to his neighbors, and to the public"

Law is that profession that is in great demand. Due to the increasing socio-economic and ever-changing regulations by the government there is a need for the lawyers. Lawyers are always held in great respect, it implies that whenever there is no resort to any help fails, there is always a belief that law is there and thus justice can be served. 


Law has been considered as a kind and a noble job from time immemorial. The foundation of our country has been laid down by the greatest personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Madan Mohan Malviya, Motilal Nehru and many other people have helped shape our nation. Anybody in the legal profession is often treated with utmost respect and consideration.

As far as a society is concerned, there is always a need for lawyers in this concern. They help in shaping our regulations that were made by the government for the betterment of the countrymen. 

Opportunities available:

Influencing society: 

As members of the legal system, it is to be kept in mind that the main objective is to influence and change the behavior of individuals in a country. We have laws for every crime be it small or big, civil, criminal or constitutional nature. Since most of these laws restrict wrongful acts, humans tend to become more careful and obedient.


We as a whole realize that law is a respectable and lofty calling, however, have we ever asked why? The explanation is basic. It is on the grounds that countless individuals rely upon the legal counselors to get reasonableness, value, and equity. The legal advisors become officials of the court, and this is no bit of cake. They need to complete their graduation, breeze through an All India Bar assessment and at exactly that point would they be able to begin rehearsing. Law is one of the most decent callings in light of the force, glory, and nobility connected to this position.

Help change the world: 

Advocates have a great way to help the different organizations to deal with their legal issues and help them gain justice, equity and fairness in every way possible. Lawyers help change the behaviour of individuals thus changing the attitude of the world. They help by representing the weaker sections of the society, like those who belong to the category of a victim of child abuse, domestic violence and whatnot. In India, this is done by the public-spirited lawyers known as Public Interest Lawyers. They help vulnerable groups by means of Public Interest Litigation (PIL).

Opportunity to work with or represent influential people and build a network:

Although, this cannot happen at the beginning of one’s legal career. But with slow growth and success, the changes for meeting influential people will be good and most possible. The more achievement a legal counselor gets in his vocation, the more is his odds to speak to acclaimed individuals. It is an extraordinary pride for a legal counselor to speak to such incredible individuals. We as a whole need to inevitably need to be around the most elite in the nation or world. Hence, legal counselors can be around such popular and motivational individuals during the case and have the pleasure to speak to them too. Working with such individuals helps manufacture one's organization in the legal field.

Opportunity to explore more options in the legal field: 

A practising lawyer can switch his work profile and deal with different cases of different ventures. They, in their initial days of graduation, explore different areas and find their interest in. They can change their field of litigation to the corporate sector, from civil to criminal to constitutional areas. They can move freely from one career option to another.


Lawyering is that field of law which enables a person to grasp new opportunities. It makes a great career. it enables a law student, professional or an advocate to think out of the box. To gather up the courage and deal with issues and help society.


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