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Author: Suhani Gupta

Student of Bhartiya Vidyapeeth Deemed to be University, New Law College, Pune

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What are OTT Platforms:

OTT stands for Over-The-Top Platforms. These are Platforms which provide the various shows on TV telecasted on multiple channels which can be accessed anywhere through the Internet. These platforms are inclusive of the web series, movies which can be easily found, by directly accessing these platforms, for accessing the platform, the subscription of the minimum amount required to be taken, based yearly or monthly. Every platform has different rates for subscription and can be made easily accessible through online payment through Credit Cards, Debit Cards, UPI, Paytm, Phone Pe etc. OTT Platforms includes Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Zee 5 Premium, Sony Liv etc. The platforms like Sony Liv, Voot etc. does not require a subscription to watch the shows which get streamed on Television like Roadies, Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah etc. The subscriptions can be shared with your friends and relatives, and there is a restriction limited to the screens provided to each user id based on the quality of subscription they have purchased.

There are various OTT Content like:

  1. OTT Messaging: WhatsApp, WeChat, Hike etc.

  2. OTT Video Calling: Skype, WhatsApp, Vibes etc.

  3. OTT Videos: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, AltBalaji etc.

Telegram: The Biggest Source for Movies and Series:

Telegram is an application, available on Stores, can be downloaded on IOS, Android and Windows. Telegram considered as a Messaging Platform. This platform provides for the creation of various channels in which the movies and Web series are shared to the multiple users. This platform became tremendous when a movie released in the theatre, the other day, the film was available with any quality streaming such as 720kbps, 1080kbps etc. on this platform. The user can get access to any movie, web series, trailers etc. by just downloading it from various channels with only an Internet Connectivity. This platform does not require any payment made at any time, and free of cost availability of any video which is accessible at any platform like Netflix, Prime Video etc. with a subscription. 


OTT Platforms have become the biggest hindrance for Film the Industry and Theatres, as due to these platforms people don't go to Theatres for watching a movie. The people wait for some time so that the movie gets released on these platforms and they can watch it for free, without spending a penny, having their comfort. These platforms have applications on IOS, Android as well as for Windows which can be easily accessible through the Internet. YouTube and WhatsApp are considered as the biggest platforms where the people 31post videos or frame the messages based on their views and opinions, which gets circulated to millions of people in a day and changes their views. One such case can be of Sushant Singh Rajput suicide, as many people have accepted his death to be murder, not suicide. The people are waging various opinions about the film industry, actors and producers etc. due to the view of a few people in the country, being circulated through YouTube videos and posts on Social Media Websites, the people are against the Maharashtra Government too. There is fast communication done through the OTT Platforms. Millions of people are spending their earnings, by subscribing to these platforms and indulging themselves into Laptops, Computers and Electronic Devices and getting entertainment at minimum costs.

Earlier, usually on weekends the people used to go out for watching movies in theatres, hangouts etc. but, now the people generally love to restrict themselves on electronic devices having access to movies and series on OTT Platforms. In theatres, people can watch the film for a week or two, but due to OTT Platforms, anyone can see any movie at any time. OTT Platforms recommends the user to view the similar programs which they search, personalizes the content and recommends the same to every user. The subscribers need not wait for the new movies, web series etc. for a week, they can see new episodes every day. There is no scheduled timing for watching any show, and also does not have any restriction for watching any show only once, the user can watch the show any number of times, and can view it from that time, where he left earlier. During this pandemic time, the movies which got produced to release on the silver screen, are now releasing on these platforms like Dil Bechara, Shakuntala Devi etc. The nepotism problem which is prevalent in the Film Industry reduces due to the emergence of Platforms like Netflix, Prime Video etc. The people with talent are given importance in the series, shows of these platforms, given a chance irrespective of case, race, colour, background, emerging as great actors. There are many original web series which launch the new coming actors and help them grow in the industry and earn their living.

Ways to Preserve Film Industries:

There should be a merger of both OTT Platforms and Film Industry. In the beginning, there might be anxiousness among huge and famous actors of the entertainment world. However, research has indicated that even in pandemic situations, the administrations of OTT Platforms will continue to rule. There is a need to think of developing Technologies in the world. OTT Platforms can help shows and movies to reach plausible clients. Production houses can generate millions in starting a seven day stretch of the film by merely discharging the web advertisements. Delivering the content through OTT channels could demolish the danger of theft creation and restrict it to release before the dates.

New OTT Trends becoming essential for customers and Producers, and the recent rise in OTT builds the following trends:

1. As people can access any show from their homes, there is an improvement in quality standards in the industry.

2. OTT Platforms will find innovative ways to advertise about the upcoming shows, advertisements in between, as they can generate money, like subscriptions and watching shows has become inexpensive nowadays.

3. Numerous production houses have a mixture of content available for platforms such as YouTube, however soon these houses will shift to many other OTT platforms which people prefer watching in India like Sony Liv, EROS etc.

Theatres will soon become the luxurious comforts as people will watch it sitting in their homes with all the facilities.  The number of movies released on common OTT platforms such as Netflix, Eros Now etc. an enormous number of TV shows/arrangements, will gather a lot of benefit on digital platforms. Additionally, some will deliver their content for OTT, for example, Ghost Stories, Guilty, Manhunt and so forth.


Production houses will soon observe that OTT is not a rival anyway a devoted partner. We can say the business of the film market will see increment higher than ever. The massive number of clients will gain admittance to quality substance too soon. The encounters of watching motion pictures will get reclassified in new and creative manners. The digital revolution has made a structural move in content utilization in India. With regards to the typical computing pattern, OTT stages put intensely in obtaining selective rights to cinematographic films, which in India pioneered the film market.


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