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Myth of Feminism

Author: Tanya Bajaj

Student of ALS, Amity University Madhya Pradesh

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“The most powerful women are the ones who refuse to rely on your sword to save her, because she carried her own”

-Pierre Jeanty

I have come across people who feel that we don’t need feminism and both the man and women are equal one we have reached a stage where both are treated equally. Some people feel that feminism is a word or a belief that doesn’t align people or movements to their side.

Different people with different ideas, different beliefs but somewhere or the other gender bias are a rampage within us and we are not even aware of it.

But, first what exactly is feminism?

If u looks out for the definition of feminism you’ll see-

  1. The advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of equality of sexes.

  2. The theory of the political, economies, and social equality of the sexes.

  3. The belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.

  4. The doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men.

In all the limitations we see that there is equality among both men and women and not “SAMENESS”

But so many people think that since men and women are not “same” (in sense of body type, small, and weak) how they can be equal, but the difference in physical capacities and physical differences it doesn’t mean that they cannot be equal.

On the bases of Right to Equality and Right to equal opportunities, there should be equality among both not considering any sex more favored or superior but equal.

But for many people the idea of equality is different.

The word “feminism” nowhere means that women should be treated superior to men.

Let’s get deeper in understanding where we stand on the sense of equality?

Honestly, ask yourself –

  1. Do you believe that men and women are equal and should have the same opportunities? If not, why so?

  2. Do you feel that women should get partial rights to inherit while a male has full access to inhabitation?

  3. Do you get agitated while seeing news on men, women, and equality?

  4. Will you be mad at your daughter for working or parting late but not at your son?

  5. Will you wait for your daughter to be independent and be on her own like you do for your sons?

Many people in our society believe in the equality of men and women, but they conflict in ideas as to how this equality can be achieved. Many people resist themselves from being called a feminist but many think of it as a movement. But many women themselves believe that feminism is cancer.

So, why do people hate the term "FEMINISM" so Much?

  1. Feminism has been associated with strong, forceful and angry women, and our society continues to punish forceful women.

  2. Numerous individuals dread that feminism will imply that men will inevitably miss out – of intensity, impact, effect, authority, and control, and economic opportunities.

  3. Numerous individuals accept that women's activists need to control the world and put men down.

  4. Numerous individuals dread that feminism will upset respected conventions, strict convictions and set up gender jobs, and that feels alarming and wrong.

  5. Numerous individuals dread that feminism will achieve negative movements in relationships, marriage, society, culture, force and authority elements, and in business, work and economic opportunities if and when women are on an equivalent balance with men.

Myths about feminism?

  1. Feminists are Misandrists- Feminism is fighting against Patriarchy, Not against Men.

  2. Feminists Don’t Take Crimes/ Stereotypes Against Men Into Account- Feminists Preach Breaking Down of Stereotypes that Negatively Affect Men.

  3. Female Feminists Can’t Be Feminine- Feminists Can Look and Identify as Any Sex.

  4. Feminists Are Bra-Burning, Violent Protesters- Feminists Preach Choice and Peace.

  5. Feminists Can’t Take a Joke- Feminists Can Take a Joke If It Is Not Perpetuating Stereotypes or Oppression.

  6. Feminists Don’t Support Stay-at-Home Mothers-Feminists Support Both Stay-at-Home Mothers and Working Mothers.

  7. Feminists Are Lesbians Who Hate the Institution of Marriage - Feminism Has Nothing to Do With Sexual Orientation.

  8. Feminists Are Insulting Traditions and Culture-Feminists Are Calling Out Traditions That Oppress Women and Don’t Respect Their Choice.

  9. Feminism is Breaking down Society-Feminism is Demolishing Gender Roles.

  10. Feminism Is Not Required Because We Have Already Achieved Equality-The World is Far From Achieving Equality.


Everyone has a different perception to perceive different situations, being feminist has nothing to do with sexual orientation or segregation of the male gender. Feminists originate from every unique foundation and culture to help equality and value when all is said and done. Feminism is in a general sense about giving women choices, not tied in with finding better approaches to restrict their self-articulation; given that women perceive that the decision to act in a customarily feminine way is only that - a decision - it is completely satisfactory and even very normal inside the feminist movement.

We are all aware of #MeToo is an online movement by Actress Alyssa Milano and there were half a million responses in the first 24 hours which are widespread in more than 80 countries.

Feminism might be a dirty word for a few but it a feeling for most people it is not a sense of minority or superiority but a matter of equality .and even if it will time to create a difference but I have already planted a seed of difference which is growing on a very fast rate and will make a difference. Feminists celebrate fruitful women who have apparently crushed through the unreasonable impediment, however actually most women are still under it. Feminism isn't tied in with making women solid; they are now strong. It's about changing the manner in which the world sees that quality. The two people shouldn't hesitate to be sensitive. The two people shouldn't hesitate to be strong.

“Feminism is not a stick with which to beat other women. It’s about freedom, it’s about liberation, it’s about equality”

- Emma Watson


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